PANEL I: The Beginning: Up to 1790

Panel1-smallDepicted are The Christ, Martin Luther, Roger Williams and John Clarke. It was because of Jesus' life, death and resurrection that Christianity was born. Martin Luther, a German monk, initiated the Reformation in the 16th Century, whereby the Christian churches that separated from the Roman Catholic church became Protestant churches. Roger Williams came to America in 1630, along with other Puritans. In 1638 he and his followers started the first Baptist church in America. Dr. John Clarke was a physician and a minister, and it was through his efforts that a Baptist Church was organized in Newport, Rhode Island. It was from the roots of that church that every Baptist Church in Connecticut got its start. The first Baptist Church in our state began in Groton in 1705, when some members of the Newport Church, who sailed on ships between Newport and New London, helped organize that church.

Also pictured is the Maytlower coming to the new world, and Roger Williams working with the Indians.

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